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Distributor have plenty of good reasons to join us in any one of our outlets in Malaysia from the beginning, now and future. The most saneness point is due to our luanching of biggest promotion notionwide and countless advantages, which allow us to benefit our distributors and at the same time build up long-term awareness and market share. Customers could always expect the best deals and best offer only at Brilliant Point that includes: 

  • Sales Promotion 

  • - Including a series of festival promotion such as Anniversary Giving Out, New Year Special Offer and Product Launching Promotion.
  • Joint Promotion 

  • - Offers special privileges to members of company including Permancent Benefits and Leader Promotion and First Priority Promotion.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs 

  • - Participates in the Selling Point accumulative Program to offer privileges to members.
  • Corporate Privileges 

  • - Privileges are extended to staff in the forms of discounts and special promotion.
    Of course, up to 12 benefits are definately yours when you are Brilliant Point member couple with your erthusiasm and erdeavor. These include : 
  • Retailing Profit 20%-25%
  • Personal Sales Bonus 4% (Monthly)
  • Performance Bonus 3% - 18% (Monthly)
  • Achievement Bonus 1% (Monthly)
  • Leadership Development Bonus 14% (Monthly)
  • Leadership Travel Seminar 1.35% (Yearly)
  • Car/House Incentive Fund 2% (Monthly)
  • Executive Bonus 2.65% (Yearly)
  • Oversea Travel
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Pin Recognition
  • News Recognition

    Multi Level Marketing

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