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    Instant Soya Bean Powder

    Suitable for those who have the following Symptoms.

     The Efficacies of Soyabean

    1. Relieve Gastric Problem
    2. Reduce Constipation
    3. Help Treat Asthma
    4. Help Relieve Rheumatism
    5. Prevent Anemia
    6. Provide Nutrients To Pregnant Lady
    7. Prevent Diarrhea
    8. Reduce Freckle Formation
    9. Control Weight
    10. Reduce High Blood Pressure
    11. Help Treat Allergic
    12. Prevent Insomnia
    13. Help Recovery After Surgery
    14. Prevent Breast Cancer
    15. Boost Energy Level
    16. Enhance Memory
    17. Prevent Heart Attack
    18. Prevent Osteoporosis
    19. Prevent Piles From Bleeding
    20. Stimulate Appetite

    What makes Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder so unique? 

    1. The soybean is originated from Heilongjiang province in northeast China. Its quality is recognised to be the best by the world.
    2. Only 45% of each soybean is taken while the remaining 55%, which is toxic and useless, is thrown away.
    3. We are the only one in the world that employs molting and sprout removing technique. Even though other manufacturers use soybean of the same quality as ours, they can not produce such remarkable high quality product.

    Why doctors say that soybean is not suitable for certain patients and those who have just undergone surgery?

    Most soybean powders in the market are not suitable and might even be detrimental to health, because they do not go through moiling and sprout removing techniques. But Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder is not the same. Therefore, after understanding our product, doctors and nurses strongly recommend it to their patients. 

    Rich in Nutrition

    Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder not only contains soybean's intrinsic nutrition, such as plant protein, fiber, 8 essential amino acids, lecithin, cephalin, unsaturated fatty acids, linolenic acid, linoleic acid, but also minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorous and so on. On top of that, the soybean is molted and the embryo is removed to further better its nutritious quality, because the bean's outer skin comprises of rough fiber and its embryo contains urease. These two elements are toxic, and if taken, it would cause bloated stomach or inflame the wound of patient just underwent operation. And for those who are afflicted with gastric or arthritis, or even baby, it is advised not to take in these two elements, that is rough fiber and urease. In view of this, out of IOkg soybean, only 4.5kg is used and the remaining 5.5kg, namely the outer skin, embryo and other impurities, is removed, which make Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder the best among other brands of soya bean powder or soya milk in the market! 

    Soyabean's Benefits to Human Beings

      Children: Enhance and strengthen the brain mental, promote metabolism and well formation of constitution, smooth healthy skin and reduce constipation.
      Pregnant: Enriched plant protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins help increase the absorption of nutrients for the baby.
      Lady: Help develop well growth of muscles, keep body slim, prevent freckle, breast cancer, anemia, and improve human metabolism.
      Man & Woman: Unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and linolenic acid in soybeans help dissolve and reduce Cholesterol in the inner linings of arteries, and thus prevent hypertension (High blood pressure), risk of heart attack, diabetes, tumor and constipation.
      Elderly: Prevent osteoporosis, boost energy level, and promote longevity.

    Instant Effect or Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Power

    1. Take in one glass of Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder in the morning, and you will feel fresh and energetic. Energy comes from protein. Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder is enriched with protein. (You will see the result within one or two days.)
    2. Regular consumption helps reduce constipation. Granular substances that found in diluted Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder are fiber. Fiber helps reduce constipation. (Takes effect within 3 days - effective to most people)
    3. One glass of Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder lasts about 3 to 4 hours without feeling hungry. Resist starving feeling: without feeling fullness or starved. People with gastric problems are advised to take in Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder regularly, especially helpful for office workers.
    The Value of Soya Bean

    Soya bean or soybean contains the highest nutritional value among the legume, and is widely used in food industry due to its high content of protein. It is also dubbed as 'The King of the Beans'. One kg of soy a bean contains the same quantity of protein as that of 2kg pork or 12kg milk. It has high digestibility values and can serve as the major source of plant protein intake. In addition, soybean contains fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins that are all readily to be assimilated by the body than those from meat with no cholesterol content. 

    Why Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder?

    Heilongjiang, China
    Though being the second largest country that supplies legume to the world, China is renowned for her high production of best quality legume, especially soybean. Heilongjiang province, which located at the northeast of China and with favorable geographical edges that are ideal to grow soybean, produces soybean of premium grade. Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder is made of soybean that produced in Heilongjiang, China.

     In Conformity to International Standards

  1. Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder is a superb natural health food that is free of contamination. It contains no food additives or preservatives and is in conformity to international standards. With the history of 8 years in the market, the quality of Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder is our pledge to you. In its manufacturing process - selecting, molting, embryo removing, deodorizing, sterilizing and packaging, each step is carried out meticulously. And with advanced scientific technology. Brilliant Point Instant Soya Bean Powder is vacuum-packed to preserve its superb qualities of nutrition in a natural state as can be.

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